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Harry Potter Discussions! [18 Jul 2007|07:15pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I like totally finished reading the 6th HP book last night! xD (Yes, I know, finally!.) I put it off for such a looooong time but since the 7th book is only 3-4 more days I away I had too!

Anywho, since the 7th book IS coming out this Saturday I thought we could have discussions/rants on what will happen in the final book. OR come up with some weird ass theories. (xD;;) And or just talk about any and all the books. (I need something to keep me entertained, please entertain the Annie! ;___;) Or, rant, all of you know I'm going to rant about something...

*HP Spoilers*, o.oCollapse )

Will add more later...

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[12 Jul 2007|07:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I went to Harry Potter yesterday at 10:00pm and it was at the Imax(And in 3-D. xD;;) The movie I thought was awesome! They had a lot of Sirius in it. (Everybody probably knows what a Sirius whore I am!) So yeah, I was very pleased! x3;;

In the morning around 4 I got sick! xO I don't know what made me sick but it wasn't good at all! I was wondering if it was the popcorn or something, hmm. ;__; Perfect way to start the morning.
And if it couldn't get any worse my dad had to in there bitching about how if I'd help him in the morning he'd get to work faster(or something like that xp). My brother's responsible for that one but he doesn't get changed til the 5th time you ask him! It put me in a bad mood because I already wasn't feeling well to begin with! >.<

Random! I'm making icons again! :O (Or atleast trying to. xD) I'll post all the icons I make on here to get everybody's thoughts on them! x3 Or even if somebody wants me to make one for them! *Does happy dance* Here's the one I made for Kitty (Was for his B-day!)

It looks okay. I think..

*Goes back to obsessing over TCGs.*

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Pink Sharpie! [10 Jul 2007|10:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I really meant to update like last week. xD;; But the TCGs are eating up a large amount of my life. I love them.. I can't help it, I have a problem and I know it. They're just sooo much fun! ;__;

We got our computer back today! It works now okay. Well it works so far and that's enough for me! I did put PSP7 on my computer! Now I can continue on my mood theme and make icons! In fact I planned on doing an icon for this toon icon contest community thingy! x3;; The toon has to French or something, so yeeeah.

I going to see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow 10pm at the Imax. I'll tell you if it's a good movie or not.

Yeah, that's about it. I'll post a bigger journal entry tomorrow. Just wanted you guys to know I'm still alive! ;3

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Ice Cream. xO [03 Jul 2007|03:02pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I didn't do much today so far other than sleep and watch Scifi. :/ But now I'm in the process of writing a letter and re-doing a fanart. *sighs* I guess the day isn't lost so far..

I cried for the first time in forever today. Phfft, I'm so weak. *sighs again*

Hmm, I just got the mail and I guess that package did need a signature. My dad isn't going to be happy but I just can't bring myself to care today.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July so don't blow up to many houses!

I have to make a chocolate cake today. I haven't made this cake the other two times I was asked so I wonder if I'll actually make this time. I'd like to paint also but I don't know if that one is going to happen either. I'm deciding whether I want to use the big canvas or the smaller one. Hmm..

Instead of saying goodbye and stuff like I always do to end a post I'm going to use a quote for now on. I'm doing two today.

Well I'm feeling much better now! Hehe, I also joined an anime forum! That's very unlike me. :D;;


Knowing is independent of being. I did not know you existed before you bumbled in here and ruined my nap. Yet that doesn't mean you weren't real before you woke me. - Solembum (Eragon)

I noticed later that he had a dotted line tattooed in scarlet round his throat, along with the words CUT HERE. I had only to follow directions. ("You look like a bleeding queer," I'd told his headless corpse, but young Mr. White England had nothing to say for himself anymore.) - Andrew Compton (Exquisite Corpse)

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Eat this boredom! [29 Jun 2007|12:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I have 32 hugs?! O.o Where do I keep getting all these hugs from? :3 I do like them though. I'm LOVED!

I'll probably never tire of complaining about my scanner. It still won't work. But I did find the old scanner so if I can find the software for it then I can stop bitchin' about it. Dear god I hope I find it. (My mental state depends on it.)

Haha, My dad took down the computer last night and was trying to figure out whats wrong with it. >.< RAWR! I can't make graphics now either.. I guess I shall draw or make that chocolate cake.. Yes cake.

Well, Annie was going to the movies with Sarah and Patrick. Now I'm not. Sarah isn't feeling very well. I wanted to get out of the house.

o.o The wall in front of me... Such an ugly color, I need to tape some pictures there. It's really buging me. >.o I think it's gonna rain, no wait, it is raining! XD;; I'm stupid.

Okay well, Not much else to say.


Wtf?! lol, Looks like I'm going to the movies! XDDDDDD

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Living In My Head [25 Jun 2007|10:00pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Maaaaan, I've been such a couch potato this summer! XD I am happy to report that I did pass all of my classes so I'm most certainly moving on to become a senior. Go me!

My scanner still doesn't work.. *cries* This will be repeated theme in my entries to come I promise you! It tortures me everyday! The scanner is just sitting there looking all pretty and ready to be used. AND THEN! It won't connect to the computer! What good is a scanner if I can't use! >.< I have pictures I want to put one the internet to show the progress I've made in my art style.(A very good one too. ;p) RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need ice cream..

I didn't get to go to Seattle(sp?) this week Xp. Grrness, stupid planes.

*Coughs* I am going to stop reading my current book and tomorrow start re-reading HP5 and then read HP6 (Because I never did XD;;.) So I can be up to date when the 7th book comes out and if I don't finish reading those then I'm just going to read the 7th book anyway. I'm sure everybody can't wait for it to come out, huh? X3

Tomorrow I also plan to work on my KH mood theme that never got finished. *blush* I so close to finishing it! Now if the compy downstairs would turn on during the daytime.. My computers have so maaany problems its not even funny. *rolls eyes*

I'm sure you guys missed me! And my total random rants on here?! O.O omg! *rant**rant**rant* Heheee...


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If I Owned Kingdom Hearts. [06 Apr 2007|08:37pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I know which classes I'm taking for my senior year. ^_^

1.) English IV Honors

2.) Econ./Gov't

3.) Algebra II

4.) Psycology

5.) French III

6.) Art II

Amazing, no? *.* Hehe, Can't wait...

In other news my scanner isn't working! *Beats head* ;___; But! Jordan came up with a clever idea! My art class has a scanner and if I get a flash drive I can transfer it over to my computer. ^_^ What would I do without Jordan.. Hmm.. If only the scanner wasn't connected to the printer/fax/copier...

I saw 300 last Tuesday. It was awesome! The fighting scenes were the best. *giggles* I saw it on the IMAX with Jason, my sister Jess' boyfriend. I kinda wanna see that ice skating movie, Blades Of Glory wasn't it? *tilts head* Still waiting for PotC 3, Harry Potter: OoP, Spiderman 3... Summer too faaar aaaaway.


>.> I'll make a better update tomorrow, PROMISE! ~~~<3

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Down With The Art Block! [23 Mar 2007|09:56pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

YES! Finally, I have overcome my 2 year art block. I'm very happy with myself. And I realize why I couldn't draw during those years. I was beating myself up about not being as good as other artist. But, thanks to Jordan's encouragement I have overcome my fear. I know that my art isn't as beautiful compared to others, but I do have talent(Yeah, yeah I know some of you are like "WTF!, We've been telling you this for years!"). So with new faith in myself I will continue to draw my heart out.(Even if it does look crappy. :p) *giggles* I'll have to thank Jordan on Monday, he's such a sweet heart. Which also means I'll be taking submissions again! Yayness! And I'll actually do them, fun no? Hehe. *Dances around*

On the issue of my left wrist. I went into the hospital today to take x-rays of left wrist, right. When they took off the temporary cast thingy it was such a weird feeling, because I hadn't been able to move my thumb for so long. Not that I really could, it hurt when I tried to move it. I told my mom this and she said, "Stop doing it then before you make it worse!." O.O Then they took x-rays. So much fun! :/ We waited in the cast room for the results. They still couldn't see if it was broken, hehe, damn bone. The doctor still came to check it out of course. She wasn't very gentle... I don't think they are suppose to be, but it hurt A LOT! It even started to turn red. ;__; So, Now I have a purple cast. I'll take a picture of it. Purple.. I pray that I won't smack myself with it during the night.

Also today I was pondering the possibility of giving up being Anime Club president... I'm not sure if I'm doing a good enough job for the club. *sigh* I feel like, well I dunno how I feel... but tis not a good feeling. I need time to think about it and ask what other members think. Yep.

In other news, I want to whore out a fic I read last night. My Pet Kaiba It's one of the cutest fics I've read so far. X3 Soo cuute.

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I Haven't Died...Yet. [22 Mar 2007|02:31pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Last week I broke my left wrist. Yeah way to go Annie! Now I have to type with one hand, it's no fun at all! *pouts* The good news is that it wasn't my drawing hand! ^_^ I'm rather happy about that because I'd be crying if it was. And this is week is spring break too... I couldn't have broken it at a better time.

Yes, I'm on spring break currently, but I've done nothing interesting. I spent the either watching T.V. or playing on the computer. Annie reeeeally needs to find something to do and needs to stop talking in the third person. Like draw! Yes I need to draw since I'm rather out of practice... I also need to post the piccies I have done! ^_^ I miss putting my art here. *sigh*

Found out something else. I can't play my Psp very well with this stupid broken wrist. I doubt I can play the Wii either.. I hate this thing, so annoying. I want to play video games! >.< Would somebody like to loan their wrist to me?? Please? I'll love you forever! (My hand is cramping! OW! Having too many issues at once, not good.)

Oh, I miss you guys on Yim, nobodies ever on there. I feel lonely at night.

Sorry tis so short, but my hand is cramping BAD! Loooove yooou guuuys!

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And Then it Warms. [21 Feb 2007|02:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yeah, I should blow up the school, but it wouldn't solve any of my problems. I found the ultimate good mood killer today and that is watching documents on the Holocaust. I also learned how to say different body parts in French. Truely awesome though is that I finally uderstand what we are doing in Chemistry! It took me long enough, but the teacher wasn't there a lot of days. And! It's finally starting to warm up, thank god! We ate outside today because of it.(Though the bees kept freaking out Robyn and Sarah. XD)

I have spent more time to play the Wii. I have gotten to play Legend of Zelda more which makes me happy. X3 Can't wait for some more Wii games to come out like Super Smash Bros. Brawl! <3

Once again I am redoing my J-rock mood theme and then I hope to finish my KH one. :3 I have a habit of never finishing. *blush* Maybe I will be successful with this one!!

Oh and my B-day is this Saturday!! XDD

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Junior Scrapbook [23 Jan 2007|03:07pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Man, I haven't been able to concentrate any this week so far! >.< It's annoying me so much! This is the most spacey I've ever been in awhile..

My English teacher today gave out a sheet of our biggest writing assignment for the whole semester. It is to make a Junior Scrapbook... I've been planning already what to put in it. DRAWINGS! O.O Who didn't see that one coming?! Hehe, my teacher likes drawings. *rubs hands together* It's going to be awesome! The most awesome you have ever seen! More awesome than yaoi muffins! (Now I'm just trying to take up livejournal space.)

We're going to be watching Red vs. Blue Season 3 this Thursday for Anime Club. It gives me extra time to watch these sample anime thingies I have... Yeeeeah...

Mtac is coming up soon. <3

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*Hides* [16 Jan 2007|02:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holidays. Annie feels really bad for not updating or visiting anyone livejournals in over a month. *guilty* I have been very busy lately and lazy too. :p School has been a pain in the ass thanks to Chemistry (I knew I should've taken Ecology..). Buuuut! I did pass all of my classes for first semester which makes me a very happy girl. X3

I have fallen in love with the anime Azumanga Diaoh! My friend, Robyn, let me borrow the whole series last week for anime club. I've watched all of it but for the last episode, it's such a cute anime and the characters are so likeable! I've also started reading the Full Metal Alchemist manga. :p Poor little Ed always getting made fun of for being short. X3 I need to fisnish watching all of Saiyuki XD;; I've had it for months now and I've only watched I think four episodes out of it.. Poor little Annie.

Annie went to Chicago last weekend! Why, you might ask! To get measured for my bridesmaid dress and for my sister to get measured for her wedding dress and do other wedding related stuff... I don't reaaly know >.< I was having a bad day for the most part. So basicly that's all we did on Saturday aside from trying to get lost :3. On Sunday we had to leave for the airport at 7:30 because our plane took off at 10:55 which was really early! I had 3 double-shot coffee thingies from Starbucks that day which I shall never do again! I had a killer headache from the caffine I'm sure ;___; But I did get the book Eragon at the airport and its been good so far. ^__^ The movie went a little too fast, but I still liked it. I <3 the Shade XD;; Another thing that bothered me about the movie was the princess was an elf, but she had no elf ears! ;;;_____;;; WHERE ARE YOUR EARS! *cough* I just had to get that out of my system.. *cries* elf ears....

I have taken it upon myself to buy my friend Devin a birthday present! I have no idea what I will be getting him and his birthday is the 8th of February. (Which mine is February the 24th! wOOt! I'll be 17 *dances*) I'll have to get some ideas during anime club on Thursday. Hehee, this should be good. *rubs hands together*

Meme Time! XDCollapse )

Oh and slash_fanatic Which messanger have you been using? I miss chatting with you! ;___;

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My Vacation (With Pictures! XD) [29 Jun 2006|05:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My vacation was more fun than I'd thought it would be. We went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was a beautiful island with a lot of trees, nice places to shop and eat, golf courses, and tennis clubs. And it wasn't overly crowded with people so my mom liked that the most. ^_^

And the pictures! X3Collapse )

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Life Is Shining Brightly [15 Apr 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

You know I don't tell all of you guys enough that I love you all!!! *hugs Marie, Jess, Lynn, Carlos, Will, Beth, Middie, Kitty, and Casey* XDDD lol if I forgot anyone please feel free to punch me as hard as you like

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